I am interested in participating in Science Olympiad. What do I do?

Click here for information regarding team tryouts.

What is Science Olympiad? 

Science Olympiad is a team-based science competition where members partake in 23 events with focuses on engineering, laboratory, or pure scientific fields of study. There are 15 members per team who take on anywhere from 3-4 events each, which can be a mix or a more specific set depending on the member’s strengths and abilities. Partners for each event work together throughout the year, preparing for competition.

We actually have a page dedicated to this question. Visit “What is SciOly?” for more.

What is the difference between Green versus White team?

Green team is akin to a Varsity level team; it is the more competitive team and the team that has advanced to States every year. Our White team is similar to a Junior Varsity team. Both teams work closely together throughout the year, collaborating on events.

Are things in-person or online for the year of 2021-2022?

For the most part, they will be in-person. Science Olympiad has provided this 2021-2022 season planner to illustrate the different formats that our competitions will take. Our study meetings and engineering meetings will be held in-person this year, and we will be following health safety protocols as outlined by the CDC.

Questions about Paly Science and Engineering Camp

What is the Paly Science Camp? Who is it for?

The Paly Science and Engineering Camp is a camp for motivated middle schoolers to bolster their interest in the sciences. We offer a whole host of activities and projects similar to those in Science Olympiad, ranging from dissections and engineering projects to a mock crime scene. Click here for our page with more information about camp!

Who is the camp run by?

The camp is run by volunteers​ from the Palo Alto JV and Varsity Science Olympiad teams.

What can my child expect to learn from this camp?

​Since this is a camp geared towards promoting a love for science, there will be a wide variety of activities that will cater to various interests, whether that is biology, engineering, chemistry, physics, etc. Additionally, there will be some activities that aim to introduce students to the Science Olympiad competition itself in the form of demonstrations or other activities.

Feel free to contact us with any additional questions! Our email is paloaltoscioly@gmail.com.